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Judith Mays

Dear Dr. Ravitch,

Your book was an eye-opener! I am only a lay person in education. I spent years volunteering in my children’s Washington, DC public schools and I was marginally involved with educational issues in a 20-year career at the University of Maryland; plus I taught a few college courses. I am in a second career helping manage the business side of a publishing venture but when I have time I am determined to do something to make an ...

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Virginia Teacher’s Story

I believe I am going through a change of mindset regarding education reform. A lot of it has to do with you.

I blindly followed Michelle Rhee’s call and moved from a comfortable job in the suburbs to one of the more highly politicized middle schools in D.C. I was excited and ready to work. I should have noticed something was up. The first week of meetings included all the responsibilities of the teacher. Administrators went though all these power points ...

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Hello Dr. Ravitch,

I recently read your book, The Death and Life of The Great American School System and it was amazing! As a public school advocate and product of the NYC public school system I was enthralled and enamored by your book. Your insight and honest depiction of public education is eye-opening and much appreciated.

I recently graduated from Howard University with a concentration in English and a minor in Secondary Education; additionally I became a certified 7-12 English teacher. After ...

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