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Thirty-Eight Year Veteran Teacher

If this gets to Diane Ravitch, I just want to say, “Thank YOU!”

I read The Death and Life of the Great American School System early in 2010, which prompted me to purchase additional copies for others and become an apostle of the rational word. The message has sustained me as I deal with the absurdities of sanctions and the disasters of reorganization in the time of Race to the Top.

Yippee, I’m from Tennessee and work in Nashville Metro Schools! We ...

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Amanda Sheaffer

Ms. Ravitch,

A few months ago I watched you on The Daily Show and subsequently bought your book. I felt validated and empowered by your words as our assessment season in Tennessee quickly approached.

So often I have felt as though classroom teachers have no voice in the education conversation, but in the weeks following your appearance on The Daily Show, I felt a sense of urgency. I wrote a short piece that was actually published by Edweek’s Teacher.

I want ...

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