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Melissa Merwin

Dear Ms. Ravitch,

Hello. My name is Melissa and I teach Language Arts at an alternative high school in central Minnesota.  I work “part time” (all that our financially strapped district can afford), but put in well over 50 hours a week and I’m paid about $24,000 a year, but I don’t do this for the money.  I am writing this letter to say thank you. I read a lot of your nationally published pieces about education and education reform. Thank you ...

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Doug Swedberg


I read your book The Death and Life…, and believe it to be the best writing on what’s wrong with education reform ever published. I’ve been teaching science for 28 years and have dealt with several “reform philosophies” that have only led to reduced educational results and the waste of money. (All have been the same philosophically with mainly a change in jargon to confuse us.)

Keep up the great work! How could I help? Are you planning on speaking in ...

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