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Peggy Pastor

Dear Dr. Ravitch,

I just finished reading your latest book, The Death and Life of the Great American School System, and I not only enjoyed the historical perspective on how we came to our present state but also found myself nodding my head at your description of the consequences to today’s schools.

I have been in both private and public schools and have been, among other things, a building principal for a total of over 20 years. I presently am principal of ...

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Priscilla Lightbourne

Ms. Ravitch,

I read your op-ed piece in the Times with genuine excitement. With rare exceptions (Bob Herbert and Joe Nocera come immediately to mind) you don’t hear the education conversation focusing on families.

I lived in Portland, Oregon and have taught in Title One schools my entire career. Three years ago I moved to Baltimore to teach for Baltimore City schools. I wanted to see what life is like for an inner city school teacher. Portland has poverty and there is ...

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