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Adam Bessie

Prof. Ravitch,

I am a community college English professor and a former public high school teacher, and want to thank you for latest book, which is a life raft amidst the recession of good will towards educators.

I have been writing on education for a few years, and your book gave me renewed vigor — and confidence — in fighting publicly for the institution I have proudly devoted my life to.

Please find, below, an essay I published which is in ...

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Cynthia Walker

December 12, 2010

Dear Dr. Ravitch,

Thanks for your answers to Bill Gates.

Friday I came home from a tough week in my middle school classes: Intervention Reading where most kids are 3 to 6 years below grade level after years of Open Court and an ESL class comprised of students born here in the states or in Mexico or Central America — three different grades and three different learning levels in one class and textbooks filled with mandatory tests of ...

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California Second Grade Teacher

November 8, 2010

Dear Diane,

Someone in my school district just sent me a link to your fantastic article in the New York Times Book Review of Waiting for Superman. I cannot tell you how fantastic it was to read your article.

I am a second grade teacher in California and I work in a Title I school. For many years we were the only Title I school in our district. We have tried every program known to man to help ...

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Dear Ms. Diane Ravitch:

I’m writing to simply commend you on your well-written and -argued article in the New York Review of Books about Waiting for Superman.

As an educator, I was offended by the reductionism and scapegoat-ism and cheap appeals to emotions that this documentary employed in order to make a dishonest argument. In fact, I was so outraged that I wrote my representative asking her to bring a class action suit against this movie for libeling public education ...

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