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Marsha Mulroney

Dr. Ravitch,

I appreciated your opinions in your books (which I have read and shared) and your conversation on NPR this afternoon.

I walked out of my classroom last March 9, after 19 years of teacher and National Board Certification because my principal decided I needed to learn how to teach to the test. After 2 years of his harassment, I finally quit. He told me emphatically that I was NOT allowed to read a chapter book to the children because it was not part of the curriculum and I was not allowed to teach the Constitution on Sept. 17, Constitution Day because he did approve of the We the People book, published by the US Congress and US Dept of Education.

Thank you for your efforts. Our education system is on the decline, I do fear for the future of the United States of America. We are not building in a future with people who are civically minded because civic education is not tested.

Marsha Mulroney NBCT