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Leah Magid

Dear Ms. Ravitch:

I am a student at Western Governors’ University, a competency-based, not for profit program. I am studying for certification as an elementary educator. I have almost a decade of experience as a preschool teacher and administrator and double that as the mother of an outstanding learner.

I was researching support documents for an assignment that asks me to formulate essay questions (on a college level) from a list of objectives. One of my selected objectives is minority rights in a majority-ruled government. I found your presentation titled “What democracy is and how it should be taught in the schools.” This led me to your other works, several of which I have read.

Thank you. Your views about NCLB specifically and about education in general are inspirational. I am becoming certified as a teacher because the field of teaching excites me. I find myself teaching and learning every day, no matter where I am or what I am doing. I find the prospect of standardized testing daunting. I am hoping to do what little I can where I can in order to facilitate real education, not just the attainment of scores.

I am having a wonderful time reading your articles. I just thought you might like to know that your works are helping me stay on track.

Very respectfully,
Leah Magid
Okinawa, Japan