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Rob Bligh

Prof. Ravitch,

Congratulations and thanks. I just found “Waiting for a School Miracle.”  What a gem! Over the course of the last few years, I have read a great deal about the educational tragedy of children living immersed in poverty and America’s irrational response to that tragedy. Nothing I have read (indeed, nothing I have written) beats “Waiting for a School Miracle.”

Several decades ago my father offered me a piece of wisdom that might be useful in this situation: “You are known not only by the company you keep, but also by the quality of your enemies.” Of course you keep good company, including the people who defend you on the NYC Public School Parents website and the people at The American Academy of Political and Social Science who showed the good sense to choose you for this year’s Moynihan Award. On the other side we have Mr. Alter and people of his ilk. He could be described as a champion of the use of ignorance and uninformed judgment in the policy process. You should cherish Mr. Alter’s opposition to and criticism of you and your ideas. Mr. Alter’s words shame him and enhance your reputation for sensible thinking. Phooey on him.

Rob Bligh
Omaha, NE