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Mollie McGeehon

Hi Dr. Ravitch,

I teach special ed pre-k and my job is a gift to me. I love every moment of learning and growing with my students. I am fortunate to be in a grant funded grad program with UF right now and that is my joy. What much of the discussion misses is that teachers love learning. It is very difficult to afford higher education on 41k.

Thank you for being my own personal cheerleader. Like most teachers, I know where things went wrong and what needs to occur. Thank you for your constant voice of truth. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Now take good care of yourself because we are going to need you to live to 110. Seriously. Where are the rest of the Diane Ravitches? Surely if I have 12 more credits than a master’s and ten years of teaching in FL and I can see things so clearly, there must be hundreds and thousands who can speak for the students and the teachers. Where the heck are they? I want to ask my professors, but I don’t want to insult them.

You are my hero, Dr. Ravitch. Now I am up off of the sofa and motivated again. We need a constant dose of you to survive.

Mollie McGeehon