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Leia Schnarch


I just reviewed the excerpt of when you were on CNN this morning. I am going to buy your current book. I am an elementary teacher living in Durango, Co and teaching just over the state border in Aztec, NM. I was quite taken with what you had to say about education today. Of course, I have my own story to tel. My husband and I were actually talking about being able to go visit in Finland to see how this all works. It sure isn’t working in the U.S.!

I will be attending yet another PLC conference locally this Monday. I am lucky! My second grade pod works very well together. Most of the other teams at my school are arguing and walking out on meetings. The Principal has to be a mediator. I fear that if merit pay comes in we will lose our camaraderie because of the money…what a shame this all is.

Teachers’ health is failing and sometimes I feel like my entire life is consumed with planning and trying to make all of this “work”! The sadder scene is: the students. I see family values going extinct, with ADHD and autism on the rise and lots of apathy and disrespect. This is the first year that even with an FM system I have a hard time teaching “over” the students’ talking. Wow! What can we do as teachers to help this situation? Thank you for being an advocate for education.


Leia Schnarch