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Judith Mays

Dear Dr. Ravitch,

Your book was an eye-opener! I am only a lay person in education. I spent years volunteering in my children’s Washington, DC public schools and I was marginally involved with educational issues in a 20-year career at the University of Maryland; plus I taught a few college courses. I am in a second career helping manage the business side of a publishing venture but when I have time I am determined to do something to make an impact on the education and prospects of DC youth. Your book has confirmed my worst fears about how contemporary efforts to “reform” public education are actually ruining it. What makes you so very credible is that you had been working on the other side — helping to develop and implement those programs — and you came to see through them so clearly.

My question to you is: Do you know if your book is reaching and having any influence on the educational leaders and philanthropists you wrote about, and if not, what can one do, short of giving up on the ability of our country to govern itself and to create a world ranked educational system? I get the feeling that those people, from Bill Gates and Arne Duncan on down are so vested in their version of accountability, etc. that they will not be able to step back.

Judith Mays
Washington, DC