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Jason Manviller

Hello Dr. Ravitch,

I stayed up later than I normally do to finish your book — I actually couldn’t put it down it was so compelling and through certain chapters found myself saying “uh-huh, yes, exactly, and that’s what my district does/is heading towards!”

Thank you so much for saying what many of us feel in education. We find ourselves looking around the room at staff meetings, bewildered, when we are presented with the onslaught of ill-conceived reforms, quick fixes, and data-driven pushes to test prep some more. We are looking around the room waiting to see who will speak up and declare “the emperor is not wearing any clothes!” Or just as good perhaps: “Don’t drink the Kool- Aid!” It’s a disgrace what we are being asked to do to “improve” education from naive managers and task masters who are only poking more holes into an already leaky vessel.

Your book is a mitzvah and you are a mensch!

Thank you,
Jason Manviller