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Harold A Treinen


Your book, The Death and Life of the Great American School System, is so true, and you did a great job writing it.

I’m focused on family, career as a 30 year Sr Accountant/Financial Analyst/Audit, and social justice, being very active in several social justice organizations like MoveOn.org, DFA, OFA, PDA, Bold Progressives, etc, and being a progressive Catholic.

I do a lot of reading, believe in supporting a just and vibrant government doing what it should, and connected with about 10 nationally recognized progressive professors of economics, plus a professor of American Studies, and also a professor of Sociology.

I say never give up, and press forward with all your might to correct and improve upon the public school system that given the resources, respect, and right governance can help transform our society into a much better powerhouse of energy, knowledge, integrity, and opportunistic action organized to advocate for and implement the best change and growth possible.

You are one of the best for leading this endeavor!

Thank you,
Harold A Treinen