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Eliot Scher

Dear Ms. Ravitch,

It is with great interest that I read your article today on the CNN website, “Why America’s Teachers Are Enraged.”

To paraphrase a famous gentleman, America’s public schools are, indeed, the last best hope of mankind. I have been both fortunate to have been a teacher for many years and unfortunate enough to witness the manner in which our society has chosen to label teachers as the scapegoats for America’s ills.

I taught high school and college for 37 years. Even today I feel the pull of the classroom and had to resist the call of a local high school to “bail them out” when their AP American History teacher chose to leave. It was very hard to do so. I love teaching and I love the children. It is most distressing to watch as the American people tear our teachers apart like piranhas in a river. It is agonizing to read one superintendent after another write seemingly erudite articles in the New York Times describing what is wrong with education and they could not be more off the mark if they intended to do so.

It is with little modesty that I tell you I have seen it all in our schools. I have been New York State Teacher of the Year, a White House honoree for teaching excellence, and have won more awards than any other teacher I ever heard of. I would trade them all in a second if America would agree to regain its sanity, venerate its teachers, and allow us to educate children properly. For goodness sake.

Thank you for your work,

Eliot Scher