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Corky Osborn

Hi Ms. Ravitch,

I would like to thank you for your insights and research on the subject of education in this country. In my opinion you’ve hit the nail squarely on its head.

My wife, a middle school language arts, and foreign cultures educator in Michigan, has taken your ideas and theory to her administration, where it’s been received by them with overwhelming support. However as you well know “the system” has educators and administrators so handcuffed that they are simply becoming robots and slaves to the test.

The unintended consequence of this (or maybe not so unintentional) finds that in the court of public opinion it’s the teachers that are failing and disrespect then has been bestowed upon them.  This makes me very uneasy because it’s as if there is or has been a conspiracy for the corporate takeover of the public school system all in the name of greed,  and at the expense of a generation or two of our most precious commodity, our children.

In closing, I just felt your work is so positive and powerful that you can depend on my wife and I to spread your work as fast and far as we possibly can. It has given me a breath of fresh air to continue to fight the fight to give EVERYONE a chance at a great education. Not just the entitled 1%.

All of my best…


Corky Osborn