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Chris Hinze

Thank you for writing The Death and Life of the Great American School System. It is a compelling account of how the current reform efforts have damaged education. It is also a shining example of a scholarly, researched-based and integrative work that would not be the product of students coming out of the narrow, low-quality schools our choice and testing advocates envision.

These are two points you make so well, and must be understood before we can move forward:

1. There is a notion that we can try anything in education, because our current system is a complete failure. While we need to do better, we are far from a complete failure.

2. The on-going reform efforts by non-educators have incurred a tremendous opportunity cost. We have not been able to improve education in sensible ways because implementing the nonsensical reforms has taken all available time and resources.

As an educator who entered the profession inspired by “A Nation at Risk” twenty-five years ago, it has been hard for me to see what a young person would find appealing in the teaching profession today. Your book will inspire many young people that the future of education may be brighter if the voice of reason can prevail.

Chris Hinze