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Bryan Stevens

The Governor [of Wisconsin] is just going to pass the bill and everyone will take it like good surfs and will have to go home because they are poor and can’t afford to stay and protest.

They sure were not protesting while everyone’s jobs in the private sector have been been outsourced the last ten years. Only when their little pocket books and rights are going to be stolen do they get motivated.

Once the bill passes it is just the first step. The second step will be to start laying them off to save money and hire illegal aliens to replace any of them they can. Sound familiar?

As Eric Holder stated on national television last year, this is a “Nation of Cowards.”

Americans sit and watch Desperate Housewives and American Idol and sports while the government passes laws against them like the Patriot Act and trade agreements while voting for corporations over the best interest of the citizens.

I am shocked these people have the guts to protest at all.

Although it is way too late, their state has been ripped off by Wall Street and outsourced by corporations and is BROKE. Their pension funds raided by Wall Street and invested in Goldman Sachs financial theft investment schemes.

Why were they not protesting the past two years while the budgets were known to be in trouble? Johnny come lately rings a bell and complaisant does as well.

This is only the beginning of the end for the United States. We are not in a recession, we are and have been in a DEPRESSION since 2008 when the banks collapsed due to FRAUD. Of course NO indictments or prosecutions for the rich guys and the media will not dare say the word “depression.”

The stock market is rising faster than anyone has ever seen it. Just as it did before it crashed in the 1920’s.

The teachers think they have it bad now, they have seen nothing yet. Wait until all the schools are closed like the Great Depression. Except we have a 1,000 times more people now that are heavily armed. Northern California has already stopped all athletics for the school district.

Michigan school district is going to close, they have no money and the state is broke and people fleeing the state. More people have fled Ohio than any time in American history.

The signs are all there. If we choose to ignore them, everyone will pay a very high price very soon.

Bryan Stevens