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Hello Dr. Ravitch,

I recently read your book, The Death and Life of The Great American School System and it was amazing! As a public school advocate and product of the NYC public school system I was enthralled and enamored by your book. Your insight and honest depiction of public education is eye-opening and much appreciated.

I recently graduated from Howard University with a concentration in English and a minor in Secondary Education; additionally I became a certified 7-12 English teacher. After teaching for about two years in Washington, D.C., I have decided to pursue further education, and I am currently matriculating in a Masters degree program in Reading, Writing and Literacy. Upon graduation I desire to go back into the classroom so that I can get more experience, but I am uncertain an inquisitive about my options and future in education. Ultimately I will get a Ph.D. potentially in Ed. Policy but I would love to hear your thoughts. Where do you see public education going in the next few years? What are some options for young progressive educators to ameliorate and change some of the inequity in public education? What are some good opportunities and experiences (internships, volunteer work, etc.) that I should look into to broaden my career and education options?

Ms. Ravitch, I respect your opinion and I have pure intentions for the future of public education. Moreover, I consider some of your educational ideologies and solutions to the woes of public education synonymous to my own. I would love to talk to you further about some of your ideas and solutions for the current state of American education. I aspire to become an administrator later in my career and I do not want to perpetuate some of the same issues and poor decision making of the past and present. I would love to hear back from you and I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time and good luck with your future endeavors and discoveries about public education.


P.S. All of my classmates also loved your book, we are slightly obsessed with you. 🙂