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Watch Diane speak at the Los Angeles Teachers’ Strike (1/26/2019) Los Angeles Teachers’ Strike: January 16, 2019. Check it out here
Watch Diane Ravitch talk about the Dangers of privatization (6/25/2018) Watch Diane Ravitch talk about the dangers of privatization at The Open Society Foundations: Here

“Diane Ravitch’s New Book is a Fun and Breezy Romp Through the Maze of School Policy”. https://t.co/zikB8nadG2 A great book review from @StevenSinger3 of the new release “The Wisdom and Wit of Diane Ravitch” by @DianeRavitch. Pick up a copy today! #education @NPEaction


Mic Drop!!
& @carolburris
Respond 2 DeVos –
After she insults NPE rept. Here is response w/ new links that show names of defunct charters that got lots of $ in 5 states.

Schools That Hinder Opt Outs Are Participating in Their Own Demise
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Wonder what would’ve happened had TFA & (California) EdReformers recruited from HBCU’s & aggresively sought Black teachers 2 decades ago (when I began teaching)? EdReform would look different & more students would be winnin. Since its Easter–it’s okay to repent 😯😮

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