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Watch Diane Ravitch talk about the Dangers of privatization (6/25/2018) Watch Diane Ravitch talk about the dangers of privatization at The Open Society Foundations: Here
Diane’s speech at Western Michigan University (5/15/2018) April 18, 2018: Diane addresses the students at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan–you can watch here 

Jake Jacobs: Voters in New York Oust Charter Supporters from State Senate https://t.co/Ryp0JA27GJ

Michael Hynes and William Doyle: What American Schools Can Learn from Finland https://t.co/mmoVjAnY9b

Rhetorical bedlam erupts as President Trump speaks to the world from Mar-a-Lago – The Washington Post https://t.co/HpLkw67pVQ

Girl, 13, who wrote an essay about gun violence is killed by stray bullet

One of my favorites: Governor Ann Richards and me in 1992 ⁦@CecileRichards⁩

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