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Watch Diane Ravitch talk about the Dangers of privatization (6/25/2018) Watch Diane Ravitch talk about the dangers of privatization at The Open Society Foundations: Here
Diane’s speech at Western Michigan University (5/15/2018) April 18, 2018: Diane addresses the students at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan–you can watch here 

Impeach Trump Now – The Atlantic https://t.co/TZ95lADKaR

The Gay Penguins of Australia via @NYTimes BEAUTIFUL STORY OF LOVE https://t.co/g34MTgaqCQ

#AnotherDayAnotherCharterScandal Beyond the Books: Charter schools spend millions on advertising https://t.co/pKKdl6QKtd @DianeRavitch @carolburris @AnthonyCody @leoniehaimson @marla_kilfoyle @denisha_jones @MotherCrusader @ProfessorJVH @DKBrooks45

Exactly; pass it on! ⁦@UFT⁩ ⁦@nysut⁩ ⁦@AFTunion⁩ ⁦@rweingarten⁩ ⁦@DianeRavitch⁩

Dream last night: I was picking up standardized test materials, got in the back seat of the car and @DianeRavitch was sitting by me @carolburris was driving. Had an opportunity to have a meaningful convo w/ two great educational minds and I say nothing. #WokeUpMad #DarnDream

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