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A Conversation with Diane Ravitch (6/10/2019) Watch Diane’s interview with Lauren Steiner, May 22, 2019 here
No Child Left Untested (6/10/2019) Check out Diane’s view points about over-testing of children here.
Diane Ravitch–Teachers Make a Difference (6/10/2019) 60 seconds with Diane Ravitch. You can watch it here

Congratulations to John Merrow! He Biked 78 Mikes for His 78th Birthday! https://t.co/q79hcn1kQi

NYC: Your Chance to Meet Leonie Haimson and State Attorney General Tish James https://t.co/fo6gsyhdiB

Detroit: At Graduation Ceremony, Two Top Students Blast Their Charter School https://t.co/rNYYAcbgTY

What?! Washington State Charters Closing One After Another https://t.co/pIL6NK7gN1

Bill Phillis: State Audit Finds Possible Fraud at Dayton Charter Chain https://t.co/W4iWcwNnl0

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