Letters to Diane


Dear Ms. Diane Ravitch:

I’m writing to simply commend you on your well-written and -argued article in the New York Review of Books about Waiting for Superman.

As an educator, I was offended by the reductionism and scapegoat-ism and cheap appeals to emotions that this documentary employed in order to make a dishonest argument. In fact, I was so outraged that I wrote my representative asking her to bring a class action suit against this movie for libeling public education ...

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Dana Pace

Dear Ms. Ravitch,

Thank you for your review of the film Waiting For Superman. As a public school teacher, I applaud your sentiments. Unfortunately, our voices (the voices of those who know the truth) are not as loud as those with pockets lined in green. The monetary interests of an elite few have found a cash cow in the educational system and will surely milk it dry. Nonetheless, thank you for continuing to be a Superwoman for us — ...

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John Kuhn


I am a superintendent of schools at a small school district in Texas; I am also the brother of three public school educators and the husband of one. I want to thank you for your amazing leadership — for your voice, your book The Death and Life…, and your review of Waiting for Superman in the New York Review of Books.

I want to invite you to come and inspire my teachers, or to produce a video, to save ...

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Anonymous Money Manager

Ms. Ravitch:

I manage money and I’m black.   I am distressed by the barrage of mail I’ve been getting from fellow money managers who somehow think there is a fairly easy solution to educating the “underclass” by using charter schools.  I’d like to share with you a few points from my experience which may help you contextualize my concern.

  1. Hedge fund managers typically don’t add value to society.
  2. Hedge fund managers often have very little practical real world experience.   Many have not worked ...
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