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Corky Osborn

Hi Ms. Ravitch,

I would like to thank you for your insights and research on the subject of education in this country. In my opinion you’ve hit the nail squarely on its head.

My wife, a middle school language arts, and foreign cultures educator in Michigan, has taken your ideas and theory to her administration, where it’s been received by them with overwhelming support. However as you well know “the system” has educators and administrators so handcuffed that they are simply becoming ...

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Donna Anuskiewicz

Again you’ve hit the mark. Years and years ago, I served as a parent representative on a district wide strategic planning committee, and test scores were a topic. A principal bragged about the pressure she put on her teachers to bring up scores. As I teacher I told her that if she threatened people’s jobs, their salaries, they’d see that the scores improved; they’d cheat. She didn’t believe me.

The people of whom you write including our President are deluded into ...

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Peg Gage

Dear Ms. Ravitch,

As a retired teacher who has lived the process you have described in The Death and Life… you are the first sign of hope I have felt in a long time regarding the state of public education.

I taught for 34 years in a large high quality suburban Detroit school system. The district was well managed, had a rich variety of programs to offer students, high staff moral, and high graduation rates. A few of the schools received Title ...

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