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Thirty-Eight Year Veteran Teacher

If this gets to Diane Ravitch, I just want to say, “Thank YOU!”

I read The Death and Life of the Great American School System early in 2010, which prompted me to purchase additional copies for others and become an apostle of the rational word. The message has sustained me as I deal with the absurdities of sanctions and the disasters of reorganization in the time of Race to the Top.

Yippee, I’m from Tennessee and work in Nashville Metro Schools! We might be sucked in to the black hole of the state’s “Virtual School District” this coming school year where all under-performing districts must go. Oh, the tyranny of AYP when our school must report ALL categories. Fortunately, our school is just 3 years old, and, therefore, we have at least 2 more years before we are dissolved. (Interestingly, that corresponds with my retirement plans…)

In a career that is now entering year thirty-eight, I have tried to convey to the newer generations of teachers and administrators that we must understand where we are, why we are here, and what we should fight for because it is all for the students. Your clarity and comprehensive coverage of the education tragedy in the US humbles me.

(Name withheld)