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Teresa Robinson

Dear Ms. Ravitch,

I just finished reading your interview in Principal magazine and felt compelled to send you a personal, heartfelt THANK YOU. Your closing sentence left me, an elementary principal, in tears; specifically, “Being an elementary school principal is one of the most demanding tasks in our society; it is not a job for amateurs.”

Can I tell you, that is the single most affirming statement I think I’ve ever read about my role as a principal. I’m a 31.5 year veteran educator — 22 of those as a principal at all levels K-12 — and I love every single day of my work and my life. How refreshing to read an expert’s opinion that so succinctly nailed the issues.

I hope and pray for your continued success. Please continue to use your influential voice for the good cause of public education within a reasoned, rational system! I’m working towards that end and it sure sounds as if you are too! Sister warriors.

Teresa Robinson