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Parent Says “Enough Is Enough”

Dear Dr. Ravitch,

I am hearing of more and more [district name omitted] public school teachers pulling their children out of [district omitted] and putting them in private schools. I am about ready to do the same. Our concern is that we are seeing our children’s education going very badly and getting worse.

Have you heard the same from around the country?

And you can use this anecdote, but please, please take off my name and my location! We will be in [omitted] at least through May and don’t want any repercussions:

My daughter was writing an essay for a private school. She is a straight A student at an Exemplary school. I read over the essay and realized it didn’t make any sense. She rewrote it and this time my husband looked it over. We asked her if she could rewrite it one more time as it wasn’t very coherent. She started crying, “I don’t know grammar. I don’t know spelling. I don’t know how to write.” Eight years in public school with standardized testing every year? I think enough is enough.

Yours Always,