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Dr. Ora Watson

Dr. Ravitch,

Today, I listened to your lecture at Dillard University on the state or fate of public schools in the United States. Since I had the dubious distinction of being the Superintendent in New Orleans Public Schools immediately after Katrina, I was more than a little invested in your assessment of public education currently in New Orleans. Imagine how happy I was to finally hear your courageous evaluation of charter schools, testing and privatizing of public education to the detriment of student growth and teaching as a profession.

I attempted to sound the warning both locally and at the state level. However, my voice was drowned out by the cry for “reform.” In fact, I was told not to reopen any public schools in New Orleans following Katrina. The die cast. I will read your books, and encourage the use of your research with my graduate students as they make their way into decision-making positions in education leadership.

Thank you,
Dr. Ora Watson