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Danielle Christensen

Dear Dr. Ravitch,

As a teacher (currently at home with my daughter), I have become an avid fan of your work and insights. My sister, a second grade teacher in Newton, Iowa (you may have heard of it from a recent 60 Minutes segment on the town that used to be the home of Maytag), periodically writes a blog for the Des Moines Register’s opinion pages. I check “Bridging Differences” each week, and after your recent posts, I couldn’t help but think that you would appreciate my sister’s most recent blog post. It is an open letter to teachers, and I know it was something I needed to hear.

Thank you so much for your work. Our discourse seems to be lacking in facts and civility so much lately that your words are no less than a godsend to those of us in the middle who want nothing more than reasoned, thoughtful debate.

Danielle Christensen