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Anonymous in Virginia

Dear Dr. Ravitch,

I just wanted to briefly and personally thank you for your tireless efforts the last couple of years. Your appearance on National Public Radio discussing the impact of the No Child Left Behind legislation and how it is impacting schools and teachers is beginning to shift the tide. As you know, morale is at an all time low and many excellent educators are feeling overwhelmed by our lack of power and voice in this situation.

I could go on for pages about how much I have followed your perspective in your publications, both agreeing and disagreeing at times. I followed you when I worked at Hunter College, in New York City Public Schools, at the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. Now, as I work in the Public Schools here in Virginia, I must truly thank you for seemingly being the only voice of reason in a sea of outright lies and mean-spirited, self-serving, corporate interests.

Again, thank you for keeping the “journalists” of today honest and on their toes.

All the best,