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Third Grade Reading Teacher

Dear Ms. Ravitch,

I am so grateful for your critique of the movie Waiting for Superman, “The Myth of Charter Schools.” You expressed my frustrations with the educational system so eloquently.

I have been teaching poor non-English students for ten years now. For six years I worked as a reading specialist with an even more challenging group of kids who not only were poor and Limited English Proficient, they often had problems with reading and language. The past four years I’ve worked at a charter school called [removed for anonymity].

Everything you said was dead on. It was relieving to read and I held on to every word. I naively went into teaching thinking “I could make a difference.” It took just a few weeks to realize I was up against an impossibly large machine that seems designed to make teachers and students fail, instead of succeed. I’ve felt trapped in a job that I hate — not because I hate the students, but because I hate the system and the people who are trying to “reform” things who don’t have any idea what it is to work with these students and parents.

Thank you so much for your thoughtful, outstanding article.