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Watch Diane Ravitch talk about the Dangers of privatization (6/25/2018) Watch Diane Ravitch talk about the dangers of privatization at The Open Society Foundations: Here
Diane’s speech at Western Michigan University (5/15/2018) April 18, 2018: Diane addresses the students at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan–you can watch here 

Atlanta: Take Note, There Is a New Science Educator in Town with Great Ideas! https://t.co/NZHoXkCFKc

“Dear Mr. Zuckerberg.” Students Take Their Grievances about Summit Platform to Mark Z.
by @dianeravitch

Students at the Secondary School for… https://t.co/x046VG53nG

Why are national news shows unaware that Fethullah Gulen collects $500 million or more from taxpayers for his charter chain, and that his chain is biggest user of H1b visas for Turkish teachers, who take jobs away from US teachers?


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#Ohio HB 70 strips most power from the school superintendent & elected school board and places it with a state-appointed CEO. UNACCEPTABLE! #repealHB70 Please sign & SHARE!

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