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  • Mike Klonsky: AFT Twitter War with DeVosJuly 23, 2017
    Mike Klonsky writes tonight about the Twitter war between AFT and Betsy DeVos. http://michaelklonsky.blogspot.com/2017/07/devos-in-twitter-war-with-aft.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_camp []
  • Why Is DeVos Hiding from the Press?July 22, 2017
    James Warren wonders why Betsy DeVos is steering clear of the media. Typically, the Secretary of Education speaks to the annual meeting of the Education Writers Association. But she declined. She had something be []
  • Utah: Should Charters Be Allowed to Seize Private Property by Eminent DomainJuly 22, 2017
    We have seen how privately managed charter schools are exempt from transparency and accountability, thanks to the big bucks that pave their way. But Utah is considering a new low for preferential treatment of cha []
  • Arizona: The State Where Anything Goes for Charter SchoolsJuly 22, 2017
    The Phoenix New Times has an long, in-depth article about one of the state’s nearly 600 charter schools. It is possibly the weirdest and proud of it. Nepotism abounds because it is not against the law for c []
  • Trump’s Tweets This Morning: His Hillary ObsessionJuly 22, 2017
    Politico posted Trump’s tweets. Here you see what he is fixated on. The big obsession is Hillary. I think she keeps a very low profile because at any moment, he could direct the Justice Department to open a []

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Watch Diane respond to the PBS broadcase of School, Inc., a “documentary” funded by conservative foundations. (6/24/2017) Watch Diane respond to the PBS broadcast of School, Inc., a “documentary” funded by conservative foundations. School Inc. presents a one-sided and inaccurate case for school privatization here
Listen to Diane Ravitch talk about the problems with the Common Core standards (5/9/2017) Diane Ravitch talks about the problems with Common Core standards, you can watch here
Diane Ravitch had powerful things to say about our current state of education and the arts, at the National Art Education Convention in New York City, March 2, 2017. (5/8/2017) Watch a clip from Diane Ravitch’s interview at the NAEA Convention on March 2, 2017.  Diane speaks about what it means to speak with love and humanity.

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