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Diane Ravitch at the 2017 NPE Conference in Oakland, California (11/4/2017) You can watch her speech here
8 Powerful Voices in Defense of Public Education – Diane Ravitch (9/19/2017) Ravitch’s powerfully important Cassandra-like warning, offer America an opportunity to change direction so that we don’t have to revisit another national shame 50 years from now. Check out the article written by Steve Nelson at the Huffington Post here
Listen to Diane Ravitch clearly explain how public education is being damaged by the billionaires who want to destroy community public schools here
Watch Diane respond to the PBS broadcase of School, Inc., a “documentary” funded by conservative foundations. (6/24/2017) Watch Diane respond to the PBS broadcast of School, Inc., a “documentary” funded by conservative foundations. School Inc. presents a one-sided and inaccurate case for school privatization here

Join National Day of Action Against Gun Violence in Schools! NEA, AFT, BATS, AASA have joined. Will you?

Teachers Tried Repeatedly to Help Shooter, Starting in Middle School https://t.co/L3vYKuAgGe

Teacher Confronts Paul Ryan At Fundraiser: “You’re here celebrating the death of 17 children.” https://t.co/VF3LqpyupQ

Facebook Lies About Facebook for Kids https://t.co/4Ube3iudt3

Tragic Suicide at D.C. SEED Boarding School https://t.co/hXubYjMr8y

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