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  • Trump’s First 100 DaysApril 29, 2017
    The marker of the first 100 days of a presidency was set during the first administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR started office with plans, advisors, and legislation. He called Congress into sessio []
  • EdTech Envisioning Profits by Jumping into School Marketplace: “Don’t Call It Philanthropy”April 29, 2017
    While teachers continue to struggle for a decent middle-income salary, the edtech entrepreneurs are salivating about their success in the ed marketplace. Listen to the audio to hear the sound of happy money-maker []
  • Ohio: Kucinich Blasts Charter Frauds and ScamsApril 29, 2017
    Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who may be thinking of a run for Governor of Ohio, launched a four-city speaking tour across the state, castigating the corruption in the charter industry at every stop. Kucini []
  • California: Time to Reform the “Reformers”!April 29, 2017
    The California Teachers Association has assembled a large coalition of groups to support the reform of charter schools. The press release calls it a “Broad Coalition” but in California that is a doubl []
  • Florida’s Retention Policy: Is It Working?April 29, 2017
    Sue Legg of the Florida League of Voters wonders whether Florida’s policy of holding back third grade students who don’t pass the reading test is working. It certainly boosts fourth grade reading scor []

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