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  • The Wisdom of Teachers: A New Vision of Accountability – December 19, 2014
    Anyone who criticizes the current regime of test-based accountability is inevitably asked: What would you replace it with? Test-based accountability fails because it is based on a lack of trust in professionals. [...]
  • Can You Advise Governor Andrew Cuomo? – December 19, 2014
    Jim Malatras, the director of state operations for Governor Cuomo in New York, recently sent a letter to Merryl Tisch, the chair of the state Board of Regents, and to the outgoing Commissioner of Education John K [...]
  • Watch a 10-Year-Old Eviscerate PARCC – December 19, 2014
    Sarah Blaine, a lawyer and parent, writes a terrific blog about education. In this one, she describes how her 10-year-old daughter Elizabeth testified at a school board meeting in Montclair, New Jersey, about wha [...]
  • EduShyster Interviews Karen Lewis – December 19, 2014
    This is a wonderful interview in which EduShyster asks great questions of Karen Lewis. Karen responds candidly and knocks every one of them out of the park, as is her way. She speaks about race, politics, and her [...]
  • Long Island District Says NO to Field Testing – December 19, 2014
    The board of the Southold, Néw York, school district on the North Fork of Long Island voted not to participate in field testing for state tests as a protest against over testing. Superintendent David Gamberga ma [...]

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