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  • Eggert: No, It’s NOT the Law!September 2, 2015
    Last spring, the Néw York legislature passed a budget that included a harsh and punitive teacher evaluation plan. This was done at Governor Cuomos insistence because he was angry that the state teachers union di [...]
  • Arizona: A View from the TrenchesSeptember 2, 2015
    I posted recently about the growing exodus of teachers from Arizona due to low salaries, testing, mandates, and poor working conditions. Do the legislators and governor understand the consequences of their action [...]
  • U.S. News: The Rationale for Common Core Testing Is GoneSeptember 2, 2015
    U.S. News and World Report points out that the rationale for Common Core and its tests was that parents needed to know how their child compared to children of the same age in other states. But with two different [...]
  • New York Regents Will Vote on Teacher-Principal Evaluation Plan on September 16-17: Call Your Regent!September 2, 2015
    The Board of Regents will vote at their Sept. 16-17 meeting on making the new teacher-principal evaluation rules permanent. The current rules were adopted on a temporary emergency basis. The current rules maintai [...]
  • Peter Greene: “It’s Not the Law”September 2, 2015
    Some of those who are offended by the idea that parents opt their children out of state tests have said that all children MUST take the test because its the law. But Peter Greene says there is nothing in the law [...]

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