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  • Memphis “Revolting” Against ASD – October 30, 2014
    According to the Bluff City blogger, Memphis parents and teachers have reached the boiling point. They are angry about the annual ritual of takeovers of their public schools. Things are not going well for the Ach [...]
  • Minneapolis School Board Race Swamped with $$$$! – October 30, 2014
    Minnpost.com reports that out-of-state campaign cash has turned funding of Minneapolis school board race from a raging sea to a tsunami of cash. The sea of cash being poured into a Minneapolis School Board race j [...]
  • contact [dot] batmanager [at] gmail [dot] com NEW YORK BADASS TEACHERS ASSOCIATION OUTRAGED AT CUOMO’S COMMENTS TO “BREAK” PUBLIC EDUCATION! The New York State Badass Teachers Association, an organization of over 2000 educators, was enraged today to read []‘>New York’s BATs Express Outrage at Cuomo’s Promise to “Break” Public Education – October 30, 2014
    New York Badass Teachers Association For Immediate Release October 29, 2014 Information Contact Marla Kilfoyle, General Manager Melissa Tomlinson, Asst. General Manager contact [dot] batmanager [at] gmail [dot] com NEW YORK BADAS [...]
  • John Thompson: Why Bill Gates Must Read Anthony Cody’s Book – October 29, 2014
    John Thompson reviews Anthony Codys néw book THE EDUCATOR AND THE OLIGARCH. The book recapitulates Codys five-part debate with the Gates Foundation. Thompson says Cody demolished their spokesmen. Thompson writes [...]
  • New Jersey: New Study Shows Charters Enroll Different Demographics – October 29, 2014
    This study was released this morning by Rutgers University researchers Julia Sass Rubin and Mark Weber: New Jersey Charter and District Schools Educating Very Different Populations of Students, Finds Study by Rut [...]

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