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  • Mary King, the Teacher Who Refused to Give the TestMay 23, 2015
    Pittsburgh teacher Mary King said she would not give the state tests to her English language learner students, and she didnt. She was the first and only teacher in Pittsburgh to refuse to give the test. She is a [...]
  • A Brief Summary of Jeb Bush’s Education ActivitiesMay 23, 2015
    This cartoon summarizes Jeb Bushs education record. He is best known for championing high-stakes testing, A-F school grades, supporting Common Core, charters, vouchers, third-grade retention, and anything that. S [...]
  • Why Is the Upgrade Often Less Satisfactory than Your Current Program?May 23, 2015
    This is something I dont understand about technology. The upgradeno matter what the programis usually less satisfactory than the current program. I remember many years ago, I had mastered a writing program called [...]
  • NYCLU on Cuomo’s Tax Credit Voucher PlanMay 23, 2015
    A letter to the editor: Private School Tax Credits New York Times Letter To the Editor: by DONNA LIEBERMAN, Executive Director, New York Civil Liberties Union MAY 22, 2015 Re “Cuomo Promotes Tax Credits for Fam [...]
  • Attention, NY Regents: East Ramapo District Needs a MonitorMay 23, 2015
    The East Ramapo school district is in terrible trouble. The majority of voters are Orthodox Jews, whose children attend religious schools. The public schools are predominantly African-American and Hispanic. The e [...]

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