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  • Mercedes Schneider Calls on Regent Tisch to Be Accountable – November 29, 2014
    Mercedes Schneider reviews the botched charter application of Greater Works Charter School in Rochrster, Néw York. The lead applicant and CEO, Ted Morris Jr., was only 22 yet claimed to have 7+ years in the dedi [...]
  • Indiana: Charter Operator Looks for a Way Out of Choice Chaos – November 28, 2014
    Kevin Teasley, who is CEO of a small charter chain with schools in Indiana and Colorado, with new ones planned for Louisiana, admits that Indiana is overwhelmed by an explosion of charters and vouchers. He writes [...]
  • Arizona Court Rules Against Equal Funding for Charters – November 28, 2014
    Twenty five years ago, when charters were a brand-new idea, advocates said they would cost less and get better results than public schools. Now, however, charter schools are suing for equal funding. The Arizona a [...]
  • Barbara Torre Veltri: Where TFA Went Wrong – November 28, 2014
    Barbara Torre Veltri is a professor at Northern Arizona State University who has mentored many TFA students. She wrote a book about TFA called Learning on Other Peoples Kids: Becoming a Teach for America Teacher. [...]
  • John Ogozolek Explains VAM to the Confused – November 28, 2014
    Since the announcement of Race to the Top, schools have become even more obsessed with test scores than they were under No Child Left Behind (which still exists in law). To be eligible to get a portion of Race to [...]

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