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Watch Diane Ravitch talk about the Dangers of privatization (6/25/2018) Watch Diane Ravitch talk about the dangers of privatization at The Open Society Foundations: Here
Diane’s speech at Western Michigan University (5/15/2018) April 18, 2018: Diane addresses the students at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan–you can watch here 
Diane’s latest article: What The Teachers Are Asking For (5/9/2018) “In short, teachers are calling on their legislatures to fund their schools and their students adequately.” You can read it here

Jersey Jazzman: What the Teacher-Bashing Press Does Not Understand about PARCC and Other Standardized Tests https://t.co/X57yPnAKTg

The moment called for Trump to stand up for America. He chose to bow. https://t.co/Qsb41AeQJA

5 Risks Posed by the Increasing Misuse of Technology in Schools https://t.co/Pm1aarFpHH via @EdSurge @DianeRavitch #edtech

Donald J. Trump, the Benedict Arnold of Our Times https://t.co/NEllCBZTaX via @dianeravitch

ECOT and Payoffs to Ohio Politicians: “What is striking is how little it cost to buy the Republicans!” and documentation too. https://t.co/YobIScjxh5 via @dianeravitch

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